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What if ads... drop cookies without you knowing?

Automate your creative QA process - save on hours!

  • checkPre-validate ads before they go live
  • checkEnable ongoing daily monitoring
  • checkGet notified when ads violate your policy
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emoji_peoplePublishers and Ad Ops

How fast does this ad load? Does it set cookies? What about SSL? Any JavaScript errors? CreativeQA helps you to get you through the QA process with ease.
check_circlePerform all quality assurance tests on your ad tags with a click of a button. It's that simple!

Don't accept slow loading Ads!

Take care of the user-experience on your page. Make sure third-party ads are FAST and don't load 14+ pixels per creative. Angry users means less ad revenue.
check_circleMeasure payload, ad speed, memory usage and HTTP requests all in one-go.

A QA tool indispensable for Ad Ops

Eliminate delays in ad validation and boost your efficiency!

Your First Line of Defence

When a new creative is received, perform a quick QA scan to see if it meets your company's ad requirements. Think about latency, HTTP requests and cookie dropping.

Detect In-flight Changes

Schedule daily re-scans and be notified if a creatives rotates or adds extra pixels without your approval. Compare historical scans to identify changes.

Mobile Responsiveness

Check how an ad renders on a mobile device. There's a built-in test that verifies if the ad is responsive. Scans can be emulated on Android or iOS phones.

5 Geographical Locations

A creative may load fast in the USA, but may have poor performance in Asia. Perform a scan from different geo-locations to make sure the creative has acceptable load times.

Customizable User-Agents

Set the User-Agent string in case the creative is targeted to a certain browser or device. Configure the HTTP Accept-language header yourself.

Additional Tests

Reach out in case you need additional ad validation checks. These customization projects are free of charge if they add overall value to the report.

Seamless integration with any web app

Use the JSON API to automatically scan third-party code via your own back-end.

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