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Ongoing monitoring

Add your third-party creatives and see their scores all in one place. Enable ongoing monitoring to automatically scan creatives every day. If something's wrong, you'll be notified in your portal, by email or via Slack.

Real-time insights

Which ads are slowing down the website, violating your cookie policy or aren't mobile responsive? Ever got those questions?
check_circleGet to know which ads are to blame
check_circleRun a GDPR audit side-wide
check_circleRe-evaluate ads that notoriously violate your policy

Timeline for Ad Ops

As if by chance, ads always have issues in the weekend when you're not in the office. Enable ongoing monitoring and get instant answers.
check_circleSee for each day the percentage of ads that complied with your policy.
check_circleGet a list of ads which violated your technical requirements on a certain day.

Monitor cookie dropping

The ad landscape is dynamic. Creatives may suddenly start dropping cookies without your authorization. Who's to blame?
check_circleGet notified when ads set cookies in-flight.

Tackle latency issues

Network latency can be a bottleneck when ads are loaded from the other end of the world. To improve the user-experience (and your ad revenue), you want to be sure ads are loaded from servers close to the user.
check_circleGet to know the geographical locations of all servers called by an ad tag.
check_circleScan from 5 different data centers to mimic GPS positions of users worldwide.

Ad server vendors & agencies
Use the REST API

Offer your clients an automated creative QA solution. Parse the JSON response and show the results in your own template and wording.
check_circleCheck if a tag is SSL-compatible
check_circleGenerate a PNG screenshot of the ad
check_circleAuto-detect the ad's dimensions

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