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Frequently Asked Questions
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How to get an API Key?
An API key will be emailed after reaching out to support. Make sure to mention your company name.
What about pricing?
The UI service is free of charge. A Fair-Use-Policy applies and the SLA can be considered Best Effort.
Can I integrate the scans?
Yes, use the API to integrate QA tools in your existing platform. See the API Documentation for examples.
Fully customizable?
Yes, fine-tune when a test should pass or fail. Submit your suggestions for new tests if needed.
API performance
Minimize network latency by requesting edge nodes geo-graphically close to your server.
Evolving with new standards
Aligned with new IAB standards and best practices in the ad tech industry, like Google's Heavy Ad Policy.
When can I expect a reply?
Send a message and you'll get a reply within 24 hours. Promised. Make sure to check your spam folder.
Maximum daily scans?
There's no limit, as long as enough worker nodes available. A FUP applies.