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timerSave hours in Ad Ops

Run your creatives through the APIs and scan them automatically. Imagine the time you would save on a yearly basis.

landscapeScan almost anything

Scan third-party ad tags, HTML5 Zip creatives or VAST tags. Each creative type has a different set of validation specifications.

crop_landscapeCustomizable Specifications

Requiring SSL on all assets? Not requiring a border around the creative? Customize when a test should pass or fail.

mobile_friendlyMobile Responsive Tests

Make sure the creative is mobile responsive before going live. This test will mimic a mobile device with the user-agent and screen size of a mobile phone.

shareShare QA Reports

Forget the endless back-and-forth by email. Share the QA report URL with your advertisers and indicate why their ads failed your tests.

directions_runDetect In-Flight Changes

Once approved, you don't want ads to change behavior. Set up daily automatic re-scans and be alerted when something changes.


Seamless integration with any platform

Use the JSON API to automatically scan creatives via your own back-end.

1) Meta tag ad.size

Checks if the index.html file contains a meta 'ad.size' tag with the dimensions, as per IAB standards.

2) Click Tag

Checks if the clickTag for click tracking is present in the main HTML document.

3) External Assets

Checks if the creative loads external assets (images, libraries) from outside the Zip file.

4) Uses jQuery

Usage of the jQuery library in HTML5 ads should be avoided. It adds unnecessary file size (±75k) and the majority of the jQuery library is not used.

5) HTML5 Library

Detects which library has been used to build the HTML5 creative (CreateJS, GreenSock, etc).

6) Load Size (Total)

Measures the total load size of all requests needed to load the creative. Includes pixels and 4th party data.

7) Initial Load

The initial load is defined by the IAB as the total file size of all ad assets delivered for initial ad display.

8) Host-initiated Subload

The total file size of all creative assets that are loaded 1 second after the domContentLoaded event is fired.

9) Network Requests

The number of HTTP requests made, including any pixels. The IAB suggests no more than 15 requests during initial load.

10) CPU Usage

Measures the time the CPU was busy loading the ad. Especially on mobile devices, CPU cycles should be kept at a minimum.

11) Load Speed

Measures the time it takes for the DOMContentLoaded event to fire. Altough sub-load data may still be loaded after, it's a useful point of reference.

12) Ad Dimensions

Determines the exact dimensions of the ad. Uncommon sizes may have to be investigated further.

13) Has Animation

Detects if the ad contains moving elements. It detects not only animated GIFs, but also animation initiated by CSS, JavaScript or video.

14) Memory Usage

The amount of RAM the creative claimed when fully loaded. This includes memory used by any iframes.

15) SSL-Compliant

Checks if the ad loads all requests via https. Since SSL became a common standard, it's important to make sure the tag is SSL-compliant.

16) Iframe Count

The number of iframes the creative adds to the page. Keep it low, since iframes require quite some memory.

17) Cookies Dropped

Logs all cookies dropped via HTTP responses and set via JavaScript. Make sure you have user-consent if the GDPR/CCPA applies.

18) Chrome's Heavy Ad Intervention

Chrome automatically removes ads if they use the main thread for > 15 seconds or load more than 4MB of data. Test if this is the case.

19) Plays Video

Detects if the ad plays videos content. Videos blow up sub-loads and increase bandwidth considerably.

20) JavaScript Errors

All errors while rendering the ad tag are captured and listed. JavaScript errors should be investigated and solved, as they may prevent the ad from loading.

21) Console Warnings

Usually deprecation-warnings by Chrome. These warnings may need attention, as any time in the future the ad may stop working properly.

22) Visual Artifacts

Detects if for example a 300 x 250 ad is actualy 301 x 251 in size. This happens often when measurement pixels are not hidden, leading to visual artifacts on the publisher's page.

23) Creative Rendered

Detects if the creative actually paints something on the screen. If an ad returns blank, this can be due to targeting, JS errors or SSL issues.

24) Blocked by AdBlock

Detects if the ad will be blocked by common ad blockers. Ask your advertiser to provide adblock-free tags, as otherwise discrepancies between systems may be considerable.

25) Uses document.write()

It's been a while since document.write() has been banned in the ad industry. Some notorious ad server vendors are still loading scripts synchronously, delaying page render and slowing down the page.

26) Creative Border

If you require the creative to have a high-contrast border, this test will alert you if no border is detected.

27) Missing Assets

Detects if the ad loads requests that return a 404 HTTP status code. Missing items and broken links are never a good sign and may have to be investigated further.

28) Dialogs & Modals

This test checks if an ad shows a dialog. Users have to click 'OK' in order to continue using the page, which has a negative impact on user-experience.

29) Pixels Fired

Detects how many analytical pixels are fired. This includes pixels for impressions logging, viewability and tracking.

30) Local Storage

Some vendors use the HTML5 localStorage object to store unique identifiers in the user's browser. In the light of privacy laws, you may want to investigate if Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is involved.


Made with favorite by Ad Ops.

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format_quoteThese quality assurance tools and APIs have reduced our company's operational costs tremendously. A huge time saver!
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